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Achieve beauty
through Technology

  • Non-invasive
  • No downtime or side effects
  • Immediate results with single treatment
  • All skin types and colors

About Mendis Aesthetics and Surgery

As we get older, we tend to study ourselves in mirrors. Whether it’s the bathroom mirror or the mirror on your desk, we’ve taken a look and sigh inwardly as we scrutinise our faces and bodies wishing this part of it was smaller, or that part of it was tighter, firmer or larger. Painting a mental picture of our ideal image is common today. Everyone does it, not just those subject to the media spotlight.

Here at Mendis Aesthetics and Surgery, our mission to make everyone as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside. Whether you’re fretting over your new wrinkles, the fat deposit that you can’t seem to burn off, or even unsightly scars on your skin caused by acne or exposure to the sun, rest be assured we can make your worries go away.

We welcome you to one of the most established aesthetic clinics in Singapore and the region. With state of the art equipment, we at Mendis Aesthetics and Surgery perform a variety of aesthetic surgery procedures including scar removal, pigment removal, dermal filling, fat reduction and Thermage treatments for face, neck, eyes and body.

Place your full confidence in Dr. Rohan Mendis, a pioneer and revolutionary in the aesthetics industry, and allow him to sculpt your face and body into the ideal shape you always wished to have.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions or for an appointment.


The Botox injection was developed specifically to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Small amounts of Botox injected into the affected areas of one’s face causes the muscles in said area to relax, thereby softening the deepness of these lines and wrinkles. In turn, this alleviates the depth of the lines and wrinkles, resulting in a youthful looking appearance.


Thermage uses the latest in radio frequency (RF) technology to treat wrinkles and saggy skin. This non-invasive procedure is clinically proven to stimulate the body’s skin revitalization processes to produce a new firmer you.


Exilis skin treatment is among the leading techniques for skin treatment used by Mendis Aesthetics & Surgery. Thiis non-invasive all in one solution skin treatment makes the most out of radio frequency waves, thermal energy and ultrasound to treat the skin.

Non-Invasive Procedures

Equipped with the latest in non-invasive procedural technology we are able to create a new firmer you. No matter the cause of the loosening of your skin, our painless non-invasive procedures will help you tighten skin, reduce jowls, soften wrinkles and fine lines.

We utilize only the latest in cosmetic procedures and technology, such as thermal energy, radio frequency and ultra sound to produce the most effective and immediately noticeable of results. Discover rejuvinating beauty only at Mendis Aesthetics & Surgery.

Tailored for every Patient

The team at Mendis Aesthetics and Surgery has a tradition of utilizing only the safest and most effective of cosmetic procedures. We aim to achieve effective and more importantly, noticeable, results after treatment as soon as possible as well as with as little down time as possible.

After scheduling an appointment with us, Dr Mendis and his team will then consult with you on what particular areas you want improved or beautified. The team will then advise on what treatments and procedures are recommended based on past medical history as well as any medical conditions that the patient might have.

They will also recommend the amount of treatment to be given as well as in how many intervals.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us for an appointment.

At some point in our lives we have all looked deep into our bathroom mirrors and wished that a particular part of our body was tighter, firmer, smaller or even bigger. Painting a mental picture of our ideal image is common today and not just for those subject to the media spotlight. With that in mind, highly respected Dr. Rohan Mendis, could be considered, a true artist, a visionary with the skills and the tools required to help you achieve the perfect palette and conquer your physical insecurities.

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